Current Centre Student Associate

Kamaludin Bahadin, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, UBC

Statement of research interests:

Having been a secondary school history teacher for the last 15 years, I have always been fascinated of the prospect of utilizing the latest in the field of curriculum, info-communication technology and psychological and behavioral theories in the hope that they can help provide greater clarity on how students learn and understand history in a  K-12 setting.  The various ways in which students make meaning of the history that they are learning in schools, and the extent to which they internalize the 'lessons' or 'failures' of the history that they have been exposed to and how this duality contributes to citizenship, especially in a multicultural society are areas in which I have had a long personal interest. They are also issues in which I have been professionally involved, especially in my capacity as a middle manager in my school.

I am also interested in the preparation of pre-service history and social studies teachers, taking into account the diverse needs of their students, the nature of their discipline,  the affordances of technology (especially Web2.0) and their long-term professional  sustainability and the personal fulfillment in this career of choice.  I am privileged to have been given a scholarship by the government of Singapore, which is sponsoring my studies here in UBC, and to have the opportunity and great honour of working with Drs. Peter Seixas and Penney Clark. I can attest that the M.Ed. program in which I am enrolled is both intellectually transformative and professionally meaningful.  It provides ample avenues for deep reflection and personal growth.  I am hopeful that the many ideas to which I have been exposed in Canada will be useful reference points in helping history education in Singapore to move forward into the 21st century.

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